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AZ Litho uses T-8 fluorescent lighting throughout our plant. T-8 fluorescent lighting is an energy efficient, long lasting, high output fixture that utilizes electronic ballasts. These lamps produce 20-50% savings in energy usage while providing upwards to a 25% increase in light output over conventional fluorescent lighting. T-8 lighting uses less mercury than other fluorescent fixtures, and has a significantly greater bulb life, reducing their impact on the environment while conserving valuable energy resources.

Not only are we saving energy, T-8 lighting helps us ensure that your job turns out exactly as you intended it to. This lighting is equal to the 5000 Kelvin lighting used in color viewing booths. In effect, our entire plant is color corrected, so no matter where we are, we can see that colors are calibrated properly and reproduced accurately.

We’re saving energy while providing the highest-quality printing available. Find out more about Arizona’s leading green printer and the services we offer.

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