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When you use recycled paper in your next printing project, you can use the recycled paper logo(s) on your printed product to create the best possible positioning and image for your organization.

We make sure that any “Recycled” label(s) on your printed product are accurate and complete. Recycling statements may need to say whether the recycling claim refers to the product or the product’s packaging. If the product or package does not consist of 100 percent recycled content, qualifying wording is used to indicate the percentage of recycled content in the product.

“Recycled content” labels can be used for printed materials that use paper that has been recovered from or diverted from solid waste. Recycled paper may be made from material acquired during the manufacturing process (“pre-consumer”) or after paper is made and used by consumers (“post-consumer”).

You may also want to use a Recycle logo to remind people that your printed product itself can be recycled.

Using recycled paper has these major environmental benefits:

  • Reduces the number of trees cut down to make paper
  • Saves electricity – uses less energy
  • Reduces the use of landfills – recycled paper is paper that isn’t buried in a landfill
  • Reduces air pollution
  • Reduces water pollution

When recycled paper was first introduced, people thought that all recycled paper was brown, unattractive and low in quality. Today, a wide variety of high-quality, highly attractive recycled papers are available for use.

Call us for expert advise on making the best choice of paper and for communicating that choice effectively on your printed project.

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