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Vegetable Oil ink – ink based on oils from raw materials of vegetable origin – offers a surprising number if important benefits to you. These include:

  • Positive Environmental Impact. Vegetable ink has great advantages for our environment. Unlike petroleum-based inks, vegetable ink comes from a renewable resource – vegetables! Plus, as vegetables grow, they actually reduce CO2 in our atmosphere.
  • Reduced dependence on foreign oil. The impetus to create vegetable ink was actually due to OPEC increasing petroleum costs, which in turn made petroleum based inks more expensive. Vegetables are grown in the United States. When you use vegetable oil inks, you are helping reduce our dependency of foreign oil.
  • Better Paper Recycling. Vegetable ink is easier to remove form paper than petroleum-based ink. A key step in paper recycling is to remove the ink form the paper. Vegetable inks make paper recycling easier!
  • Powerful Colors. Vegetable oil’s clarity allows pigments to maximize their full color impact. So your printed piece looks its brightest and most colorful.
  • Laser Proof. Some printed pieces (letterhead or envelopes, for example) are run through a laser printer. Vegetable ink is less likely than petroleum-based ink to be degraded by the heat of a laser printer. So Vegetable ink is a better choice for printed pieces that will be run through a laser printer.

We haven’t stopped at the ink…

AZ Litho have chosen an Aqueous Coating that is Eco-Friendly as well. Benefits of using water based coatings:

  • Eco-Friendly and free of hazardous materials, manufactured with avoidance or substitutions of VOC’s, biodegradable and solvent free!
  • Maximum matte and glossy effects.
  • Low odor, good convertibility and most important…recyclable!
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